Dance Until Dead!!

Fick en frågan vilken vad min tumblr heter. Och då jag uppdaterar den oftare än denna blogg så får ni gärna följa mig där också! :)

Bilder från London

Var i London på påsklovet! Här får ni några bilder därifrån ;)
Ett litet urval ;)

I think it's called music..

En rolig grej jag hittade på Tumblr! :D

List 10 musical artists you like, in no specific order. Do this before reading the questions below.

1. P!nk

2. Green day

3. Sum 41

4. Simple plan

5. Red hot chili peppers

6. Rise against

7. The cardigans

8. The Fray

9. Yellowcard

10. Queen

What was the first song you heard by number 6?

Savior <3

What is your favourite lyrics from number 5?

Tell me baby what's your story 
Where you come from 
And where you wanna go this time 
Tell me lover are you lonely 
The thing we need is 
Never all that hard to find

Tell me baby - Red hot chili peppers

What is your favourite song by number 8?

You found me

What kind of impact has number 1 had on your life?

Gosh! Saved my life!!! Her lyrics has helped me through hard times..

When did you first get into 2?

Haha!! Maybe a month ago xD But have heard and liked their music before ;)

How did you get into 3?

Found them on spotify. Fell for With me

What is your favourite song by 4?

The End

How many times have you seen 9 live?

None :(

Favourite album by 7?

Long Gone Before Daylight

What is your favourite song of 1?

Depends... but now and forever: So what

How did you become a fan of number 10?

Hmm... In third grade we sang "We are the champions". But I became a fan when we did the musical "we will rock you"

Top 2 favourite songs by 5?

By The Way, The Adventures Of Raindance Maggie

Have you seen 10 live?

no… :(

Have you met 4?


What’s your favourite album by 1?

I'm not dead

Favourite lyric of 7?

I'm an angel bored like hell
and you're a devil meaning well
you steal my lines and you strike me down
come raise your flag upon me

You're the storm

What is one of 2’s best songs?

Must say.. Holiday AND Boulevard Of Broken Dreams

Which one have you known the longest?


What’s your favourite song by number 9?


How long have you known 9?

Half a year...

Haha! Hoppas det går bra även fastän det är på engelska ;) Publicerades nämnligen på min tumblr också ;)

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